Construction Volunteer

Rebuild Nepal

Although Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of water and other resources it remains sadly one of the poorest countries. Being torn by civil war and natural disasters in the past the country has been damaged a lot. With the recent 2015 earthquake in Nepal many infrastructures and rural villages where hit and still not rebuild or even repaired. With people living in poverty and earning less than 3 dollars a day it becomes impossible to create a future for our children. But Nepal stands strong! And with a lot of aid of brave volunteers and kind donators Nepal is being slowly rebuild. The Third Eye Foundation also puts up their part, and organizes various construction volunteer packages in Nepal. Mostly in the Dhading area from where the Third Eye Foundation operates.

Why construction volunteering in Nepal?

As stated above the country is in dire need of reconstruction and development in order to grow in the future! With the latest earthquake many people in the rural villages lost their lives and as a result a lot of children became orphaned. The Third Eye Foundation helps in the rebuilding of Dhading with the construction and restoration of health centers, schools, orphanages and other buildings.

What can you learn from this?

The construction process can be hard work, but lighter work can also be assigned. The experience is quite unique as a bond is formed with the villages and you as a volunteer get to learn a lot about the current architectural and construction methods in the rural villages. Staying on homestay bases lets you also experience the lifestyles and culture of Nepali families.

How to do construction volunteering in the rural villages?

There are many ways to help with construction volunteering in Nepal. The Third Eye Foundation makes sure you can participate in any way. With handwork, carrying materials, plastering, etc. there is always something to do! Even helping with architectural and engineering ideas can be appreciated! The work involves a lot of teamwork and a bonding experience between our volunteers from all over the world and the locals. With overnighting on a homestay bases you get to see the lifestyles and the culture of local families. This lets you make new friends and it’s also a unique way to see in to the daily life of Nepali people!

You can also donate funds to the Third Eye Foundation for the use of hiring local labor, buying building materials and even support items for the rural villages in Nepal. As always our Third Eye Foundation team is ready to help you, just enquire to us by mail.