Early Childhood Development

TEF began transforming inferior early childhood centers into model preschool programs. Over time the initiative will impact the lives of thousands of ruin above three and four year olds and increase their probability of passage into grade one of the  major obstacle in rural communities.
The status of early childhood education in Nepal is disgraceful. More than 90 percent of the government’s 30,000 early childhood centers fail to meet even minimum standards. Teachers lack training and earn very low pay which is not sufficient too. Classrooms are small and in poor condition. 
TEF goes into a targeted center Dhading (baseri) and trains the teachers, provide a suitable classroom with equipment and learning materials. Children receive a mid-day meal and undergo nutritional conceal and follow-up entercession. Counseling Center trains teachers and parents in child development and child rearing techniques.
TEF launched the Early Childhood Development program and its goal is to transform many more centers over the next five years. Progresively but possible with your support. Help us impact the development of disadvantaged youngster, and change their lives forever.