Third Eye Foundation has been working to uplift the lifestyle of the people in Baseri. Despite being easily accessible by the capital, the lifestyle of people in Baseri is primitive. Therefore, TEF works to promote tourism, elevate educational quality and empower women in Baseri. We appreciate all kinds of fund which will be utilized by us in the right time for the right purpose. We welcome funds from any individual or organization.

Although Baseri has a wide range of opportunity for tourism, the sector is still underdeveloped due to lack of basic infrastructure. The Thirdeye Foundation works to glorify this rewarding trekking trail in Dhading to amplify developmental works in Dhading and eventually the lifestyle of people.  TEF awards a 25$ scholarship to a diligent and economically unstable student for one academic year. We also sponsor a teacher for one academic year with 250$. We have also been organizing various trainings for women empowerment hence; any kind of fund is welcome and will be appreciated. We believe that together we can help to improve the lifestyle of people in Baseri and give a hopeful to future the children.