Our team

  • Ganesh Neupane

    Chairman Mr. Ganesh Neupane Chairman and founding father of the Third Eye Foundation. Being born in the remote part of middle Nepal in the region of Dhading, Mr. G Neupane faced he’s first hardships due to underdevelopment as he had to walk for over four hours just to get a chance at higher education. Moving to the big capital city of Kathmandu in pursuit of higher education and work, he started out in the tourism business as a modest porter. This chance was given to him by a senior from the birth village in Dhading who had become a professional trekking guide. As a porter Mr. G Neupane had got a lot of experience in most of the trekking regions in Nepal. Growing from porter to guide he took the knowledge of this incredible industry and started he’s own trekking agency after a dedication of 12 years in the field! Always thinking back about he’s humble beginnings and hardships Mr. G Neupane wanted to give back to the community of Dhading in terms of development. As so after becoming successful with years of hard work he created the Third Eye Foundation! With its main focus point on the remote town of Baseri located in Dhading Nepal. The target is to provide educational materials to the schools, set up medical and women empowerment camps, and help with the construction of basic buildings such as schools and hospitals. 
  • Rabin Neupane

    Vice Chairman Mr. Rabin Neupane Vice Chairman of the Third Eye Foundation and also a part of the Third Eye Adventure team. With over a decade of experience in the tourism sector Mr. R Neupane started out as a porter and learned the ins and outs of the industry. With he’s excellent knowledge of local political situations he became a valuable member of the Third Eye Foundation team. By supporting our volunteers and donors at every step of the way Mr. R Neupane has dedicated himself to give back to the local communities.
  • Sita Bhatta

    Treasure Mrs. Sita Bhatta Treasurer of the Third Eye Foundation. Being born in Gorkha the neighbor district of Dhading, Mme. S Bhatta always felt for the underdevelopment of Dhading. Completing her Masters in Sociology she worked with social organizations in Baseri, Dhading. Gaining the experience in support and a main contact person for the rural villages Mrs. S Bhatta became a vital member of the Third Eye Foundation. Handling the Foundation’s finances and redirecting finances in order to purchase more quantities of educational and support materials she has helped a lot of communities through her dedication and hard work!
  • Samundra Neupane Bagale

    Member Mrs. Samundra Bagale Secretary of the Third Eye Foundation. Born in Ghorka and working from Baseri, Dhading, Mrs. S Bagale is a fantastic charming lady with many years of experience in the field. The past few years she has been teaming up with Oxfam in the Dhading region as acting liaison and gained the perfect management skills for the Foundation. With her active involvement the Foundation has been growing ever since.
  • Deepak Chandra Neupane

    Member Mr. Deepak Neupane General Member of the Third Eye Foundation and team member of Third Eye Adventure. Being born and raised in Baseri, Dhading, Mr D Neupane strongly believes in the development of the region. As so he has been an active member of the foundation helping out financially and organizing on location.