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Baseri is a small village in Dhading district in Bagmati Zone. It is a neighboring district to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is also bounded by Rasuwa, Gorkha and Dhading. Among many rural villages, Baseri is one of the rural village of Nepal. Baseri has a small population with about 1196 houses.

Baseri is immensely blessed with natural beauty. It is surrounded by Ganesh Himal and other mountain range. People belonging Chhetri, Brahmin, Tamang, Gurung and Ghale community reside in Baseri and depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Most of the young people have fled to Gulf countries in search of employment so, only old people, children and their mothers are seen in the village.

Despite being easily accessible by the capital of the country, Kathmandu, Baseri is poorly developed. Baseri lacks even the basic facilities such as education and transportation. One of the reasons Baseri is underdeveloped is due to lack of education facilities. People lack awareness about health, hygiene due to absence of education facilities. They also cannot create employment opportunities due to improper education facility. People are also very unaware about the importance.

Third Eye Foundation has been working for the wellness of Baseri and its people. TEF is helping in enhancing the lifestyle of people in Baseri in various including promotion of tourism and education facilities. TEF provides scholarship opportunity to a diligent and economically unstable student in Baseri. A student in Baseri is selected and awarded with a scholarship of 25$ for a year or till their school year is finished. This encourages children towards studying and attending schools. This has also helped to raise the awareness about the importance of education which also motivates parents to send their children to school. The Third Eye Foundation has been continuously supporting Baseri and its people and will continue to do so.